News at our menu

Our team prepared some news in our menu. Come to taste for example beef steak with cream sauce and green pepper, fillet of Adriatic Umbrina with milk emulsion and vegetables. Looking forward to your visit.

Adriatic Octopus

Octopus meat is considered an extraordinary delicacy, but it must be able to be too hard or too rubbery. Come and taste our biggest specialty – fresh Adriatic octopus baked under baking – traditional Croatian meat preparation, a special pot surrounded by hot ashes, where meat is cooked together with vegetables, potatoes and spices.

Adriatic Calamari

Fishermen on the Adriatic are experiencing harvest during the winter months, as the cold sea is particularly well suited for fishing for these molluscs and you will find real giants on the fish markets at this time. We have prepared several ways of adjusting the Adriatic calamari and we look forward to your visit.

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